This looks like one of our biggest projects ever.

Over 20 years ago, the 'Save Fulham' organisation Fulham 2000 brought out a book called FULHAM-THE TEAM, to help provide funds for the cause. Produced by Dennis Turner and our own Ken Coton, it featured a team group photograph of every season from 1903 to 1996 together with a brief description of the season. It was Dennis's favourite book, and we at Ashwater thought it was about time that it was updated - after all, quite a lot has happened in the last 20 years!
Well, we started on the venture some months ago, with, we are delighted to say, the full cooperation of the club - but we soon realised that this was going to be a mammoth enterprise!
We decided the book should be A4 in size, and for the most part each season should occupy at least two pages. This meant that the text could be considerably broadened, giving a definitive record of each season. In addition there would be room for player pictures and action pictures - and of course, there would be colour wherever possible. Each season will feature a complete list of every player who made at least one first-team appearance.
There will also be extensive sections on the two world wars, as well as a history of the days before the club turned professional.
Martin Plumb and Ken are delighted to have brought in the services of Alex White, the doyen of statistics and the expert particularly of Fulham's early years - and together the three of us hope to produce a book worthy of Fulham and Mr Turner and Ashwater.

It has been agreed with Fulham that the book should appear around March 2019 - in time for the club's 140th anniversary.

This will be a large hardback book, of around 300 pages, meticulously researched and produced with usual Ashater quality.

We'll post more details when we can.