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Just in case you were wondering whether to go ahead and buy our book, here are a few of the comments we have received:

Brilliant book, very informative, well laid out. Thank you for the many hours your team has put into this. - RJ

Many thanks for the excellent book. - BT

Well done on the book, it is excellent. - CM

The content is fantastic. A must for all Fulham fans. - JP

Yet again you have given us fans a masterpiece. - CC

Another great book - well done. What would I do for my Fulham reading material without you! - SK

Congratulations on producing a stunning book, probably the best one yet. - PS

The book is an absolutely outstanding piece of work. On behalf of other Fulham fans, thank you so much. - DB

The new Fulham book is probably the best yet published by Ashwater - and the previous books have been excellent. The photos are great and up to the high standard we have come to expect. You have done a fine job. - DH 

As always, absolutely brilliant. - DB

This looks good and a lot of effort and research has gone into this. - PH

An extraordinary achievement in Fulham publishing. - WN

Our friends at Ashwater have produced yet another ‘must have’ book for all Fulham supporters. - ST

Very impressive. Great looking book. - MG

Well done - it is indeed a brilliant book. - NH

Your books are fabulous and a constant source of info. - SP