At the end of the whole process of producing books - following the research, the writing, the editing, the layout

and the checking - comes the very important part, the printing and binding of the books.

We have used a number of printers over the years and all have given us excellent service and results.

K&N Press printed our very first Fulham book - Fulham's Golden Years - in 1992, and helped author Ken Coton through the process with tact and understanding! Located then in Molesey, they are now in Hersham.
We then went to Butler and Tanner, famed printers in Frome for over a hundred years. We had a very good relationship with them. They printed the first Fulham Photos book. They subsequently ran into difficulties and became part of the Berforts group - see below. They have now gone out of business.

Our Fulham–The Team book was printed by Bishops Printers in Portsmouth. Ken Coton takes a bit of pride in suggesting all those years ago that Bishops get in touch with Fulham with a view to printing their programme. They've been doing that successfully and professionally ever since! Ken also got Bishops and TOOFIF together. You're welcome, Gareth (left)!
Ian Allan Printing were located in Hersham, so were convenient for popping in to see how our books were coming along. Their MD, Nick Lerwill, gave us superb personal service. Our picture shows David Hamilton seeing his book pages coming off the presses. Recently the printers decided to quit the business.
With the closing of Ian Allan, Ashwater had to find new printers. We were delighted to come across Berforts, printers situated near Oxford. They were happy to welcome small publishers like us. They printed and bound our Strikers book. However, since producing that book, the company has gone into liquidation - nothing to do with Ashwater, we assure you…
The printers we are currently using are Henry Ling, proprietors of the Dorset Press in Dorchester. Always happy to help us and accommodate our many requests, they did an excellent job with the second volume of Fulham Photos, as they have just done with our latest books, the Fulham scrapbook, the second Fulham scrapbook, David's Hamilton new book and the new Fulham The Team book.