home of Ashwater

A few glimpses of the glorious suburb nestling between (but far enough away

from) Twickenham and Hounslow.

This is our station's name, in the colours of the old Southern Railway. Our trains

are now run by Great Western Railway, but they don't run trains, only services.


There is a good community spirit in Whitton, helped by the Whitton Business Association,

We close the High Street for parties on special occasions, such as St George's Day.



In 1930, this road (High Street) had just a few cottages and was surrounded by fields.

Then the railway station was built - and this is the same road in 1938.




This is Whitton Station in June 2016 when the station was being redeveloped.


And this is the station two years on. At least there's a bit of shelter, if not much elegance!





The High Street was bombed in 1944.




We still remember the cinema, now long gone, at the end of the High Street.